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involved, a kind of harmony that is unique to their school, and this is what builds great communities, great neighborhoods, and a great city. the united administrators of san francisco -- thank you all for putting yourself on the front lines, every day to make these schools extraordinary. we really appreciate this. thank you. >> carlos, if you can come up and join us, in giving the awards to the school principals. the first of them -- this is jolene washington. [applause] >> the mayor will hold the evnvelope. >> do they lok thook the same?
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>> let's see what you've got. >> lunch at collettos and four tickets to the giants game. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. mayor lee, superintentdant garcia, hydra, mendoza. jan, good afternoon. i am jolene washingotn, principal at jose ortega elementary. this has been a wonderful year of recognition, and i would like to thank everyone who supports the work with us, the parents
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and the support staff, the teachers, and especially the wonderful students. thank you to the unity spiritual center of san francisco. they provide uniforms and supplies, so students who are not able to afford uniforms will have their uniforms. and california lodge no. 1, representing the masons. they support these schools -- constantly giving so we can afford to buy books and computers and other things. thank you so much. and i would like to thank the district staff for giving me support. thank you so much. thank you to my colleagues, will always have the device and help me to run this -- and i want to
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thank my family for loving me. i want to thank my mother, my siblings, i have one of my sisters over there. my extended family and my children. and my husband is at work. i just want to thank you, this is beautiful. thank you. >> this is wonderful. >> congratulation. >> next up, we have david wong from francis scott key. [applause] >> all right. >> i know what is thre. >> -- there. >> you got this, in the envelope, morton's steakhouse
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dinner. and a night at the opera. >> thank you very much. i hvaave a speech iwrote last night. -- i wrote last night. people say principals have the toughest job. i will say, this job is jsut as challenging as it is rewarding. it is hard to believe i have done this for 19 years. this job presents many challenges, and i have to say that this kept my heart young. i really enjoyed doing my job. some days are more challenging than the others. but in the 19 years -- i never had one day i never wanted to come to school. i accumulated over 200 days of
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sick days. i would donate this to one of the teachers in need. what kept me going, this is the smile that i see at school. the staff and the parents and students, the things that kept me going all year. i am here to receive this award by i am very humbled by this honor. there are many out there who were just as deserving. and we are grateful to the mayor's office. this takes an entire village to educate a child, and i see this. without the support from the staff and the parents, the
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district offices, and the supervisors -- supervisor chu has been very supportive. i am able to stand here today, largely due to their efforts. i am excepting this award on behalf of all of you, and my success is really a reflection of your success. lastly i just want to say to my family, and my mother, who i wish to be here, but she went to the hospital yesterday. i want to thank her because she allowed for me to be who i am. if she had her way i would be a doctor, or some other career. i want to thank my daughters. i have four of them. they're always thinking about me
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and always being so sweet. and for my wife, or always standing behind me, and not getting too upset when i get home late from work. why is this meeting so long? i want to thank her -- she is my backbone. and also for my son, for always listen to her when i am working late at work. and lastly for the parents committed out here today, thank you so much. thank you for the good things you have done, i love you all. [applause] >> last but not least, i want to
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acknowledge the supervisor. i want to recognize the deputy superintendant. our next recipient is james jim fitzien. your mom got in touch with me. from your mom, dad, brothers and sisters -- thancongratulations. we are sorry we can't be here. this is from blanca and david in michigan, and terry roberts in durango, colorado. come on up. >> and jim gets the max pro. wonderful -- mac pro. wonderful, you will need this.
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>> i have to say, this is humbling and absolutely overwhelming. i do not know how my family knew how to get in touch with me. this is amazing. there is a graduation starting down there in half an hour. this is really overwhelming. we were there in the seats, and i thought getting a piece of paper is good enough. and then you get to meet the mayor. so many people -- i came from michigan and i am in los angeles, where i was a music teacher. i came up to san francisco and decided i would be a substitute. the first job i got was woodside learning center, and i thought i
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would do this and this would be great. and it turned out that this was juvenile hall. it has been 20 years i have been involved with this population. there is no question. these are the kids need the most help. so much that -- i thought this was a secret. i am at the log cabin -- and this is something where want to get right to the classroom to work with the kids. there are some very needy children and i want to get back with them. this year has been the most incredible year, and i have been a principal for 11 years. i have felt nothing but 100% support from everyone, and the mayor's office -- thank you for
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doing all of this. this is very forward thinking. amazing support with having the kids come down, the superintendent. my partners, and the assistant principal. everyone is so incredibly supportive. and it all happens for the kids. i want to say that i wrote an e- mail yesterday, that this has been an unbelievable year, with unbelievable work, but with believable results. finally, i want to thank my number one supporter, anna garcia, and i am committed to being with the kids. this is every night for about
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three hours. this is what i choose to do and she has been incredible this way. thank you so much for these fantastic things. thank you, thank you, thank you. [applause] >> one more round of applause for the principle of the year award recipient. david and jim. thank you so much.
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